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What Is WudWWug?

A Little About The Product

WudWWug is a new and easy to use web application for you to detail and document ALL your skills, achievements and goals as you develop them throughout your life. This will create a personal skills profile & CV that, in addition to your qualifications, will be important in informing future employers. You can email your profile directly to them so they can see exactly the skills you can bring to their organisation. On this web site you will be able to add each time you DEVELOP one of your skills, by identifying what skill and writing a short description of how it was developed. There are 40 skills in total covering the full range of essential & transferable skills people can develop, and over a period of time you will find you are stronger in some than others. This can form the basis of discussions with your tutors on your progress and how your strengths match with employment.

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Why Use WudWWug?

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Essential Skills

SKILLS section allows you to add information each time you develop one of your skills, by identifying what skill & writing a short description of how it was developed.

Goal Setting

Personal Development Planning) provides opportunities to add personal, academic and career goals and to track their progress as well as Tasks which are assigned specifically to you by your tutors.

Task Lists

Work through task lists to earn achievements. Allow others to view your progres through your achievements and reflect on development.

Skills Portfolio

View your own skills portfolio, or send it electronically to an employer, educator or family member.


Earn electronic badges as you develop your skills and work through tasks.


Baseline your skills and monitor your distance travelled as you develop.

What We Capture


WudWWug allows you to visually monitor and reflect on the skills that you develop through education, life, work and play.

Reflect and view your skill development through time. Baseline particular key developments and compare where you are developing.

Skills Reflection

Capacity Development

Goals Progress

Electronic Skills CV

Task Achievements

Skills Cloud



Pretty Good

Super Hero

Our Goals

To help people better themselves

Small Steps

We learn in small steps, and only when recognition is clear internally, are we able to take on knowledge and skills. We will help you record these small steps with improved articulation to see your larger development.

No Boundaries

We ourselves have to work out our boundaries and this clearly is limiting when set by others. Define your own boundaries using your own vocabulary guided by us and monitor your progress towards them.


Our goal is to help you identify, plan, action and reflect on your growth. By planning and reflecting on your development you will be better able to articulate this distance travelled with real life experiences to others.

"We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have travelled from the point where they started"

(Henry Ward Beecher)

Our Pricing

Prices start from as little as £ 3 per user per year

Please contact us below for local installation options


£10 / User/Year
WudWWug Hosted Solution
  • 1-24 Users
  • £ 500 Setup
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts


£8 / User/Year
WudWWug Hosted Solution
  • 25-499 Users
  • £ 500 Setup
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts


£5 / User/Year
WudWWug Hosted Solution
  • 500-1999 Users
  • £ 500 Setup
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts


£3 / User/Year
WudWWug Hosted Solution
  • 2000+ Users
  • £ 500 Setup
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts

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